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I'm Jerry Morstad and I'm standing up for my legal rights in America.  Will you join me?

I’m Jerry Morstad and I’m standing up for my legal rights in America. Will you join me?

Let’s face it: America is under attack. We are under attack abroad, attack at home, attack wherever we stand and say we are Americans. Further, we are under attack not only in a physical nature, but in a psychological battle with those who intend to take our freedoms away not by force, but by changing what America truly stands for with one small incremental step to legal abyss every single day.

You know what we’re talking about. With a presidential election coming soon, there are those that want to take the laws of the USA and change them for what they never were meant to stand for. All of our rights are under attack, no matter which side of issues you are on.

So stand with us in our fight to inform the American people what laws truly mean in this country. Stand with Morstad and fight for your legal rights!

Check Out Legal Advice Sites Concerning Family Law

family-lawIf you’re going to get a divorce, or you have some other concrete matter going before the courts, then you know an family attorney experienced in family law can handle issues for you. However, things aren’t always so cut and dry. All kinds of situations can arise within families where people have questions about the law. In that case, thankfully there are all sorts of great resources online that even provide legal advice for free.

These legal advice sites are there to help inform people about different legal matters concerning family law. Once you get a few of your questions answered, then you can know what steps to take next. Maybe you’re going to move forward and hire a family attorney, or maybe your current situation needs to be handled a different way. It’s frustrating sometimes when you don’t know what to do, but at least you know where to turn to find out now.

Get Questions Answered on Advice Sites

These free legal advice sites are often set up by lawyers so that they can answer questions in this way. It benefits both sides, so that is why these sites are so popular. If you have a family dispute to settle, you might be able also to find another person who has been in a similar situation. People post reviews of their cases online so that other people can learn from them.

Some of the resources online are more informative than others, so you might want to look around a little. You could start by checking out family lawyer YouTube channels to find out information through videos, or you could check out reviews on their Facebook page. You can even post questions on sites to get answers of course, and isn’t that just great? Without having to pay money, you’re getting an initial consultation online. Then if you decide actually to hire an attorney experienced in family law, you’ll get a free consultation then, too.

Proven Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

wrongful dismissal lawyer

Are you unhappy with how you have been dismissed from work? Do you feel there is a case to be made against your former employer? Do you think it should be done right away? Well, you are going to need reliable legal representation for the case, or you are going to lose out.

It is time to take an active step in your life and go with those who are proven.

You want the best wrongful dismissal lawyer in town that is going to be able to manage this case with high quality which is the only way to win.

Here is what a good wrongful dismissal lawyer provides.


Imagine setting up a case and then having a lawyer who has never been through the process before. What if they end up making mistakes that could have been avoided with a good person? You have to look at the experience as one of those mandatory requirements.

“You should not be going with people who are not trustworthy and experienced. It is a price you are not going to want to pay regarding who you are going to choose. You have to look at this right away.” says Eunice Slocum of Wrongful Dismissal BC.


What about the results you are going to get? Will you want to go with a lawyer that is going to get you the minimum? No, you wish to go with this lawyer because you are going to get results that are worth it in the long-term. You will receive the compensation that is expected from this situation.

Wrongful dismissals have no place in the world right now, and you have to be on the right end of your case as well. Make a change and work towards a solution that is going to change your life.

This lawyer is going to provide you the legal assistance needed to get to this point right away.


You are going to be receiving enough time to get your points across to the lawyer in any meeting that is set up. You don’t want a lawyer that is going to rush you through the process and then out the door.

Is that what you wish to pay for in a lawyer? No, you want people who are going to give you enough time to work out what is needed.

All of these things are how an excellent case is made moving forward. You won’t have much of a case without a good lawyer.

Injury Law And Personal Injury: What You Need To Know

Accidents and injuries are very common, but that does not mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. The pain, stress, and confusion that stem from these traumatic events are very real. If you want to pursue legal justice after an accident or injury, you need to understand injury law. This will help you take the right steps forward to receive restitution.

First, it is important to know that you have to take action if you want financial compensation. The government does not file personal injury suits on your behalf. It is up to you to do this. Fortunately, there are personal injury lawyers that can assist you with the entire legal process.

Next, you should know that you do not necessarily have to file a suit against a sole person. You may file a personal injury claim against a group of individuals or a business, too. There are certain laws that regulate who you can sue for financial compensation. Speak with an injury attorney to get helpful clarification.

You should also know that it is up to you to prove that the other person or party is responsible for your injury. There are numerous ways for you to demonstrate this. You will need medical records, witness statements, any documented exchanges with the other party, and so on. Collecting all of this can be complicated, but a personal injury lawyer can do the hard work for you.

This is the basic information you need to know if you are the victim of an accident or injury. Seek legal help to help you fully understand injury law. A lawyer will be eager to assist you and defend you in court. This will allow you to get the financial reward that you are entitled to.

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